Monday, August 17, 2015

Trending Colors for Your Home

Say it with me... Navy Blue and White - so classic, so pretty, so Right Now!

Pairing these two colors are everywhere.  They are so pretty together and invoke different feelings in everyone. Sometimes they make me feel nautical and other times I just feel classic and mature.

Within the past 2 weeks I have received 4 catalogs showcasing the hot "new" trend.  While there is nothing actually new about pairing these colors together, they are making a strong comeback in home interiors.  You can even use them as base colors and add "pops" of brighter colors to the mix.  They are shown with Kelly Green, Tangerine, and even the elusive grey.  

I have always loved Navy Blue and White together, alone or with other colors, in an outfit or for a room .  However, my personal house is more turquoise and green, I don't know how this happened, but it's just worked out that way over time.  When I was single it was more pinks and lavenders - I was fully aware at the time that would probably be the last time in my life I could have a "pink and purple house".  And, what do you know, a husband and 2 (almost) boys later and I'll looks like I may never see those pretty together colors again in my home. 

I was entering Homegoods the other day, and the first thing I noticed was a beautiful Navy Blue and White ceramic dinnerware display, right as you walk in the door, on the end of the isle.  Of course, I had to run right over and decide whether I needed to buy a new set of dinnerware, right then and there - I refrained at the time, but it did get me thinking about adding the Navy color to my already turquoise and green house.  It can be done, I have decide that as a cost saving effort in my life, I will subtlety add the Navy color, and over time it will be THE color.  This might not be the right method for you, if you like to go with color trends.  And while that is important for my career to know the trends, I enjoy the color so much, I would rather have it as a base in my house, and change out the inexpensive trendy colored items, i.e. pillows, accessories, inexpensive art, etc. While leaving the more costly items in neutral colors; the wall color, draperies, upholstery furniture, etc.

Below are the catalogs that I recently received. The first picture is the newest cover of the Pier 1 Imports catalog.  Second, we have the newest cover of the Pottery Barn Bed and Bath catalog, adding the Kelly Green to the mix. Third, is the cover of the latest West Elm catalog, adding the grey and lighter wood tones. And last is a spread in the Williams Sonoma Home catalog. 

Enjoy perusing catalogs and online shops, I bet you notice the use of Navy and White a lot more now.

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