Thursday, September 10, 2015

Fall Fashion Trends

It's that time of year again, trees turning the most beautiful, vibrant colors of red, yellow, and orange.  Pumpkin Spice is in the crisp air, and boots are getting pulled out from the back of the closet. Ahhh, my favorite season, FALL or AUTUMN - takes too long to get here and last too short of a time.

After looking over several "Fall Must Have Lists" I decided to compose my own Fall Trends for 2015.  Some from last year and some new, but mostly there are all wearable, as opposed to the runway trends.

The IT colors of the Season - Gray, still a very popular color (even for interiors). Burgundy, Brown, Mustard, Olive Green, and Navy Blue - all of them, in my mind, are staples of Fall Clothing. So pretty together or alone.  Loving the Burgundy this year! (see photos below)

Winter Florals - So pretty and feminine, yet not those same pastels from the Spring.  Try them in warmer, trendy, fall colors, such as burgundy flowers on a navy blue back ground.  Pair one floral item with one solid item, or if you are more daring pair florals with other patterns, such as stripes (see below)

Flare Leg Pants - I love that this style is back in full force again. While I love skinny jeans, and they work much better with tall boots.  Sometimes its so refreshing to mix it up with different style pants.  Flare Leg Pants made a big come back in the spring and it looks like they are here to stay a while longer.

Cool Tights - Whether that is different opaque colors or patterned, cool tights are here to stay another season.  And why not love them!  Wearing colorful or patterned tights with a monochromatic outfit really adds interest.  Or for the more daring, patterned tights with more colors and patterns on top.  You can go wrong spicing up a plain skirt ensemble with cool tights.

Booties - While I don't think tall boots will ever go out, and I hope not, Booties are back again, and I LOVE them! So many great styles to choose from; high heels, low heels, different colors, different textures. Have fun shopping for your new fall booties and wear them into Spring with your favorite feminine flow-y dresses. 

PLAID - my favorite fall pattern, I will take anything plaid, and I love it in flannel too. SO comfy and yet still very stylish. What else is there to say about a timeless Autumn pattern.

Statement Jewelry or Bling - I never really got rid of mine, I love statement pieces, but this season they are back to being feminine and sparkly.  Don't throw out your global inspired pieces just yet, but mix them up with the other bling.

Puffy Coats - Don't get rid of them  just yet, they are around for another year.  While I love the warmth and I never want to get rid of my comfy puffy coat; I don't miss knocking into to everything while making that quick stop at the store.  Everyone walking around in puffy winter coats in a store, could look quite humorous from the birds-eye view.  Lots of colorful marshmallows, if you will.

Chunky Knits - Love them! Such the perfect Fall Sweater.

Turtlenecks - who doesn't love a good turtleneck - comfy, warm, and hides a lot ;)

Pleats - while trendy, wear some of them at your own risk.  Having a good pleated skirt can always be fun, but beware of going too far with other pieces (aka, pleated pants).

Loafer - I own a pair of Penny Loafers and will probably never get rid of the them.  I've had them since before they were "trendy" and still love them.  They are my preppy staple. This season you can wear them with pride.

High Waist Pants - Again, wear at your own risk.  Awesome on the young 20-something with long legs, but there is a fine line of looking too much like a "mom-jean" - Personally, I avoid them, they do not help me being that I am 5'4".  

Skinny Scarves - This is something I debated whether or not to put on this list.  While I do own a couple, I will probably not be adding this to my fall attire.  I LOVE my chucking scarves, and I have quite the collection.  They are still very much in style, and to me, just radiate Autumn!  I LOVE scarves and wear them most of the Spring and even into the Summer.  Big, chunky scarves can keep you warmer than a light jacket, who would want to give that up.  I can't see a skinny scarf being as useful, but having a nice one in you closet for that certain outfit can't hurt.

 Last by not forgotten - Leather and Suede (faux and real), Winter Cream, Shearling, and Lace

Below are some of my favorite outfit ideas for this Cool Season.

Love this picture by Stitch Fix - Fall 2015 Trends
Showing so many great ideas!

Below are some of my favorite Pins for Fall 2015 Trends
Chunky Winter Cream Knit, Olive Bag, Leather Pants, Booties (and HUGE Fall Staple - Camel Colored Jacket)

Love the Burgundy Chunky Knit Scarf and Booties.  Even her lipstick matches nicely.

Burgundy, Burgundy, Burgundy And PLAID! LOVE THESE

Comfy Weekend Outfit

I'm in LOVE with these cowboy boots! And I am still a fan of Long Socks this year.

Happy Fall Outfit Planning

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