Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Kale Chips?!?!

My sabbatical is over, it's been a long time since my last post, but hopefully this newest one will leave you wanting to try Kale Chips.  We're not talking ground breaking, earth shattering topics here... but if you like good treats, keep reading.

First, let me preface this post by saying that I am not a health nut.  I like good food.  However, I am aware of what I put into my body.  I don't like wasting time or calories on food that does not satisfy me, or taste great.

That being said, I stumbled upon Rhythm Superfood Kale Chips in Honey Mustard.  I normally wouldn't have picked them up but I am trying to be carb-conscious (to help keep PPD at bay - maybe a later post on that) So I grabbed a bag while at a local convenient store.  I have to say, I was skeptical about the tastes and don't know if I have ever had kale chips before this experience.  

It was AMAZING! I highly recommend trying some!  I am not sure if it's just this brand, or even just this flavor that I love so much - I hope to try different varieties soon, at least, at this point I am open to tasting various kinds.  And have even made some myself.  

The Rhythm Superfood variety, are light as air, crunchy; while also melts in your mouth, and full of a robust mustard flavor. They leave you wanting to eat more, much much more.  

After tasting this wonderful kale treat, I decided to try out my baking skills on this "superfood".

I found a recipe that was easy enough (see below) - and decided that while my kale chips are tasty in a different way, they are certainly not Rhyme Superfoods Kale Chips.

Wash Kale and dry thoroughly. Remove the stems, and lay a single layer on parchment paper on cookie sheet (I used a baking stone and no paper).  Drizzle olive oil and sea salt on top.  I also added garlic (my family loves garlic -  but everyone has to eat it)

Good luck and Enjoy Eating your Kale!

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