Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring 2016 Color Trend

For Your Home and Your Wardrobe

While it is not breaking news that Pantone released two colors of the year for 2016 - believe me, I understand it is now late March, I am a little late (understatement). However, I will show you how to easily incorporate them into your home and your closet.

The 2016 Pantone colors of the year are Rose Quartz and Serenity.  Just simply saying them out loud sounds calming. Rose Quartz is a pretty pale pink, while Serenity is a light blue, almost bordering on lavender. Together the essence of Spring, so hopefully this blog finds you at the right time (first day of Spring)

While decorating for you home it is easy to incorporate these color throughout without breaking the bank. Use them in decorative pillows, a throw on the sofa, accessories and even flowers from the garden.  If you already have a neutral palette in your home, these will freshen things up for the season. No need to spend tons of on new furnishings.

Below are some pictures that I found, courtesy of Pinterest, that depict different ways to incorporate these on-trend colors into your home.

While this picture has more of the saturated colors, not the exact shades of the 2016 Pantone colors.  It is such a great contrast.  Loving the dresser, chandelier and especially the wall paper!
Notice how the bedding is white with pops of colors in the accents pillows.

This photo is the perfect description of using the colors of the year as pops with your existing furniture.  Notice the beautiful, subtle pillows on the sofa, and the use of color in the art. Granted the wall is a soft baby blue, but it would work with any neutral wall color as well.

Same pops of color in this photo. No need to change the wall color unless you where intending to before hand. The grey sofa works well with both colors. And using them in a blanket, some pillows and even the table cloth in the background showcase the trend well.

Love this picture! Showcasing just one of the colors here, which works so well.  This is the essence of chic, simply, classic. The neutral furniture, and dark grey pillows, and grey walls is just screaming style, while the subtle Rose Quartz leaves your eyes with delight.  Notice the pink books and flowers on the cocktail table, and the floor to ceiling pink side panels in the background. Just perfect. Also, make note of the metal finish - Brass is Back!

Who doesn't love a pretty table setting, and with Easter right around the corner this is perfection. Incorporating both colors onto your table with the China and flowers.  Using a white table or simple white cloth lets the decor shine though.

Onto the wardrobe part of incorporating the Pantone colors. Below are some easy ways to integrate these pretty pastels in with your current pieces, for a fresh, fun, Spring pop. All photos courtesy of Pinterest. 

Easy ways to get your Pantone fill through bags, jewelry, tops, pants, and even as simple as non-commital nail polish.

Love this pretty, long, pink jacket. Perfect for those crisp weekend mornings. So effortless with a white tee and jeans. The light colored denim, being hot right not, adds the Serenity color to the outfit. 

The polished look of this ensemble timeless and simple. Such a great large cable-knit, Rose Quartz sweater paired with the perfect Serenity colored jacket, and just jeans, to make for a casual feel.

All I have to say about these are: LOVE!

Good Luck migrating the beautiful colors-of-the-year into your home and wardrobe.
Happy Pantoning!

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